About Us

Camp CPR is an effort to spread awareness about CPR in India! We strive to educate people on emergency response through free camps. Camp CPR is part of a larger effort to help improve emergency response in India.

Camp CPR was founded by Vikas & Kavita Jain in January 2014 after returning to India post a 7 years stay in US. When they were in US they realized that there was a huge difference in people’s response to victims needing medical help. While many lives were saved in US due to their knowledge in emergency medical response , multiple lives were lost in India both due to laxity and lack on knowledge.

Camp CPR’s mission is to create public awareness of the importance of early intervention specially in cases of cardiac arrests. With heart attacks being the major cause of deaths in India , it is our hope that by creating awareness about CPR we would be helping save lives.

If you would like to join us in our efforts then please contact us.